Todos los que lleveis mucho tiempo siguiendo las novedades de los Tigras más populares reconocereis el Opel Tigra de Sebastian aka NLORD que hasta la fecha no había aparecido en MUNDOTIGRA.
- Rims: 17 inch RH ZW3 Tecnic / front: 8.5Jx17H - ET48 - back: 9.5Jx17H - ET36
- Tires: GoodYear Eagle F1 / front: 215/ 40 /R17 - back: 245/ 35 /R17
- Spacers: 15 mm on every side
- Color: Pearl Effect Audi Blue
- Koni Suspension - on the pics, the car is lowered to 30 / 50
- The wheel cases on the back are broadened with metal to 5 cm on every side.
- Exhaust system is a mix of selfmade, Jetex Fortex and Spark chrome and kevlar pipes (120x80 mm). Y-branch pipe is also selfmade, because an original one wouldn't fit.

There are also parts from Tuner like Lumma, Postert, Mattig, Bonrath, Wiechers, Jamex, Sandtler, Ferodo, Schrick and more.

Thanks to Sebastian Jäger

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nesta dijo...

Great car Sebastian!!!

My exhaust system is a mix too and my Y-branch is custom made too. ;)

Love brakeducts ("like Porsche RS")and neither I´ve got audio-system.

Thanks for sharing it here