SR Dario Bozzato

Italian Opel Tigra Tuning by Cadamuro Designs

Dario Bozzato
1996 Opel Tigra
Jesolo Lido, Italy
Original Cost of Vehicle? $8,500
Date of Purchase? 2001
The Cost to Build? $24,200
How long to Build? 3 years
Reason for building? Personal reasons.
How long have you been in the sport? From birth
Name of your vehicle? Dragonball

Make: Opel
Model: Tigra
Year: 1996
#of Cylinders: 4
Displacement: In Line
Engine Builder/ Shop: Myself and Exhauk Part
Engine Modifications: ECU, Down Pipe and Complete Exhaust, Air Filter
Exhaust Modifications: Exhaust Header (Super Sprint) and the Other Part (Asso.)

Hood: Cadamuro Design
Grille: Alluminum Gray
Bumpers: Tuning Word
Wing: MS Design
Add-On Accessories: Carbou Fiber
Body Mods: Wide Body (plus 2 cm)
Paint Color: Black/ Pearl
Body Mods and Painted By: Cadamuro Bros. Of Musken Italy

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