European Tigra Meeting

El Club Tigra Francés con la colaboración del Tigra Club italia y Mundotigra está organizando la que va a ser la primera concentración europea dedicada al Opel Tigra.

La cita tendrá lugar los
días 17-18-19 julio 2009
Le Creusot - Borgoña - FRANCIA

French and Italian Tigra Club with Mundotigra Magazine is preparing the first European Tigra Meeting. The event will be on 17,18 and 19 of July 2009 in Le Creusot (FRANCE)


You can now start a list with the number of people, many days and your preferences for accommodation in you local tigraclub forums for a study of costs.

-MK1 = Tigra or TT = Tigra TwinTop
Day-to sleep on Friday evening to Sunday evening VSD or VS or SD for example
(Friday = V / Saturday = S / Sunday = D)

-Number of people with car 1 to 4
-Hotel or Camping. H or P

For example:

"Nickname" MK1/V-S-D/1P/H

Más noticias pronto...
News soon...

- REPÚBLICA CHECA (Thanks Robin) and HERE
- GREECE (Thanks Sporos)


MK1 = tigra A
TT = tigra twintop

UPDATED 03/05/2009!!

Tigra-Club-France 18
1- Artoutitou Mk1/V-S-D/1P/H
2- Artoutitou Mk1/S-D/1P/H
3- Artoutitou Mk1/S-D-2P/
4- Tigresse71 Mk1/S/D/1P
5- Raftigra Mk1/S-D/1P/H
6- Raftigra Mk1/S-D/1P/H
7- Wiimatigra Mk1/V-S-D/1P/H
8- Tigraforever Mk1
9- Dante38 Mk1
10- Frotman Mk1/V-S-D/1P/C
11- tigsi78 Mk1
12- Dark-nico Mk1/V-S-D/2P/H
13- MHZ Mk1/V-S-D/1P/C
14- TiGreG26 MK1/D/1P/-
15- Nougatigra MK1
16- Pilpol62 MK1/S-D/1P/C
17- Pilpol62 MK1/S-D/1P/C
18- Ice tigra MK1/V-S-D/2P/C

1- Ker56 TT/S.D/1P/H
2- Bailey TT/V-S-D/1P/H
3- Rom TT/V-S-D/2P/H
4- Amagicmen TT/V-S-/2P/H
5- Mvlys TT/V-S/1P/H

Tigravision 5
1-G@looxx MK1/V-S-D/1P/C ou maison
2-Menlifenight MK1/V-S-D/1P/maison
3-Shadow MK1/V-S-D/2P/H
4-O'neiLL19 Mk1/V-S-D/1P
5-Fredopel Mk1/V-S-D/1P/C

Belgique 1
1-Launchal Mk1/V-S-D/1 ou 3P/C

Italie 13
1- Fellos Mk1
2- Stefano88tigra97
3- Wolverine
4- Lucky.kimi
5- Danielino_1986
6- Tidy MK1/V-S-D/1P/H
7- Marshmallow+Fede
8- Tex44
9- Furious06
10- Billy82+Erichina83
11- Badrose TT/V-S-D/2P/H

United kingdon 7
1- boringfatfrog MK1/V-S-D/2P/H
2- bartender MK1
4- doris355 TT
5- nic
6- BlueTigraMike MK1
7- Mike TT

Deutschland 4
1- Influx MKI//V-S-D/2P/C
2- Night MKI/V-S-D/2P/C
3- FiGra MK1/-V-S-D/?P/P
4- Papst MKI/V-S-D/?P/P

Work in progress

Spain 4
1- Nesta Mk1/V-S-D/2P/HC
2- Pulpo Mk1/V-S-D/2P/HC
3- Nest MK1/S/2P/H
4- Pichu TT/S/2P/H

Holande 0

Slovakia 2
1- Raceface MK1/V-S-D/1P/C
2- Matoo MK1/?/?3-

Pologne 7
1- Ziku ? Mk1
2- Feldgrau Mk1/V-S-D/2P/C
3- Wojtekk Mk1/V-S-D/3P/C
4- Djex Mk1/V-S-D/2P/C
5- Alisa Mk1/V-S-D/2P/C
6- Nuniek Mk1/V-S-D/3P/C
7- Stasinek Mk1/V-S-D/2P/H

Czech Republic 2
1- Simir Mk1/V-S-D/?P/?
2- Beck MK1/V-S-D/?P/?

23 comentarios:

Jose Luis dijo...

Yo si me dejas me adobo contigo xD

Anónimo dijo...

Hey guys...
You have huge mistake in title of our country.

Czech and Slovak people divide to two countries...

Now it's Czech Republic and Slovak Republic...please correct it.

Thanks Luke(CZE).

mundotigra dijo...

Thanks Luke

Is it correct now?

Anónimo dijo...

Yes, now it's all right.
thx very much ;-)

And so on...it's very good idea to do European Tigra meeting :)

Pulpo dijo...

Pulpo MKI/V-S-D/2P/HC?

Vamos a ir pensando ya en el viaje no?

Anónimo dijo...

Hi it's Me Ziku from Poland please add this three person who will be able to go for de meeting

Feldgrau Mk1/V-S-D/2P/C

Wojtekk Mk1/V-S-D/3P/C

djex Mk1/V-S-D/2P/C

Anónimo dijo...

Hello boys, you can put next country - Czech.

I hope I will have a free time and meet you in July.

Thanks Simir

beck dijo...

hi chicks,Im commin from czech republic to you with simir:)

peace, beck

Anónimo dijo...

Hello boys and girls

I'm sorry, I can not come

ponikel from Slovakia

mundotigra dijo...

We´ll see us in other meeting :(

Anónimo dijo...

I would like come, does not leave from work :(

Ponikel from Slovakia

Anónimo dijo...

Hi guys

what is actually the date for the meeting, it is here? And an exact address for the Navi would be super

Influx German

mundotigra dijo...

Actually we are waiting French autorities to allow the permission to do the European Meeting.

French autorities think it´s a Rally not a Meeting :(

mundotigra dijo...

We are still awaiting the answer.

In fact, we have permission, but there is an American celebration at the same time and it could be a problem.

News soon!!

Anónimo dijo...

And guys what out what to do with the event? We are 6 Tigras which would also need to leave.

Influx German

mundotigra dijo...

Lastest news!!!

We have permission but the meeting will be at the week of 18/19 July 2009 probably in Creusot.
The next week I supposed I´ll receive the final.....

Anónimo dijo...

Hi,I´m Kady from Czech republic and I would like to add your guest list.I will be arrive on 17th july and we stay whole week.We will be sleaping in a tent.
Thanks Kady

mundotigra dijo...

Nice Kady!!!

Could you confirm us if this czech people are going to come too?

Czech Republic 2
1- Simir Mk1/V-S-D/?P/?
2- Beck MK1/V-S-D/?P/?
3- Kady MK?/V-S-D/?P/? <-- fill

Thanks nesta

Anónimo dijo...

I would like to exchange links with your site www.blogger.com
Is this possible?

mundotigra dijo...

Mail me to mundotigra@gmail dot com

Anónimo dijo...

Hello. And Bye.

Anónimo dijo...

Good day , You put in writing some eminent blogs. I check back right here often to figure out if you have kept as much as date. I thought you may possibly want to know, as soon as I click on your RSS feed it re-directs me to another site.

Before I go, let me thank you for your patience with my English as (I'm confident you have figured this at this moment ,), English is not my initial language consequently I am using Google Translate to shape out how to write what I sincerely mean to voice.

mundotigra dijo...

RSS seems to work fine for me.